Thursday, July 3, 2008

What I hate most about pregnancy...

For me, pregnancy is wonderful, for the most part. I feel fine, I don't seem to get too moody, and I'm not uncomfortable. But, for those of you women out there that are jealous of these things, don't be. While pregnant with Pear I experienced Cholestasis of Pregnancy which is a condition that few women experience while pregnant. The pregnancy hormones are somehow too much for my body to handle and this leads to a malfunctioning liver. The liver can't process fatty foods and other hard things for the liver to process which, therefore, leads to bile acids being leaked into the bloodstream which causes SEVERE itching. This therefore can lead to loss of appetite, loss of sleep and therefore, loss of weight. Not fun. There is a 90% chance of this unfortunate disease reoccurring in future pregnancies. Since I am aware of this, I am on a low-fat diet with this pregnancy. This is what I hate about pregnancy. My diet consists of non-fat milk, (I am a huge milk fan and enjoy whole milk under normal circumstances,) lots of chicken and very, very little red meat, (this is also a big deal as I love red meat!) lots of fruit and vegetables, a kale smoothie several times a week, NO DESSERT (this is extremely hard as I LOVE chocolate,) cold cereal fortunately has close to no fat and I have it at least once a day. I don't get to enjoy butter on anything. Bread is no longer a tasty side item. Sandwiches aren't very good as I don't like mustard and mayonnaise is off limits. I do however enjoy a french dip sandwich but I am limited as to how many of these I can have as they are made with roast beef. Cheese is off limits, (I also love cheese.) One of my favorite things to eat, Pizza, is out of the question! I also have to take a lot of supplements: SAMe to promote healthy liver function, Prenatal vitamin to make sure little Jovie gets the nutrition she needs, Calcium/Magnesium to prevent leg cramps, Acidopholus or Probiotics, to aid digestion and D-Mannose to prevent UTI.

But...all of this to say, it's not that bad. Jovie is well worth it. And I only have four months left!

These are a few items I've made in the past that I temporarily cannot enjoy:



I'm so sorry about all the liver problems.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear of all of your problems. Rebecca was just telling me about some of your struggles right before you posted this. At least it does have a good outcome! :)
By the way, the name you have chosen is very cute. :)