Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun with "The Girls!"

Stephen was away on a hike this past weekend so Pear and I decided to keep busy and have fun with the girls in the family.

Thursday Pear had a special day with "the girls." There are so many ways to describe "the girls"; they are my sisters, Pear's aunts, silly, fun, adorable, energetic- Taffi, Libbi and Aspen, but to Pear, they are "the girls." We started out by going to the craft store and buying a canvas for each of the girls to paint. We then went and picked out a movie from Blockbuster to watch later in the day. We splurged and got a real treat by going to McDonald's for lunch and each of them got a Happy Meal which we took to the park and ate and then played on the playground.

We went home and each of the girls got to make their own individual pudding topped off with as many or few toppings as they chose. We put those in the refrigerator to chill as we went outside to paint our canvases. I put aprons on the little girls and let them go at it with the paint. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of this as I was a little preoccupied trying to keep Pear out of the paint and helping the other girls keep the paint off of themselves. After we finished the canvases, we set them out to dry and went inside to enjoy our pudding while watching a movie. After this, it was time to go home. My mom picked them up and I would say we had a fun day well spent!

Friday, The Backholm and Corrigan girls came up along with Jia Tai and made a delicious salmon dinner with yummy risotto and a cherry pie for dessert. They all spent the night and we had a great time. Chase's wife, Rebecca, and my sister, Piper, joined us in the morning and met us at The Bread Peddler for pastries and coffee. My nonfat latte and few bites of coffee cake were quite tasty. We then headed to Hot Toddy, (one of my favorite shops in Olympia,) where I found a cute dress that fits me perfectly while pregnant! I was so excited. And to top it of, it was 75% off! Of course, I purchased it. Then we browsed around for a bit, some of the group went to the Farmer's Market and others went back to the house to get ready for lunch. We had some fresh veggies from the market, a baguette and some meat for lunch. Then we picked, cleaned and pitted cherries. We got enough for 6 pies. So each family got to keep some. Claire and Candice went to Lattin's Farms and purchased fresh donuts for us all to enjoy as a late afternoon snack. And then we pretty much called it a day! Everyone departed shortly after that and Pear and I were on our own again for a little while.

Sunday morning we went to my mothers to spend the day with them, (my dad and Hutton were on the hike with Stephen as well.) We went to a lily farm near Westport and the girls had fun putting on their aprons and picking flowers. Libbi seemed to think the dandelions were some of the prettiest ones out there! Then we went back to the house to enjoy the sunshine and play in the swimming pools. We made yummy french dip sandwiches for dinner, ate a bunch of watermelon and headed home to wait for Stephen to come home. He made it home safely shortly after midnight and unfortunately, after my busy weekend I was so tired, I fell asleep before his arrival. Pear and I are so glad to have him back though. No matter how busy we try to keep, nothing replaces his presence.

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KAMILLE said...

You're weekend sounds like a blast. I think it would be great to have that many sisters & brothers to be able to call up to hang out with. I always love Pear's hair in her pony. Veronica hates her hair other than au natural.