Monday, July 28, 2008

A day in Seattle

Stephen and I celebrated our 4th anniversary over the weekend. Our actual anniversary isn't until Thursday, July 31st. I can't believe it's been 4 years! And, at the same time, it seems like forever. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband. I grow to love him more and more every day.

My parents offered to watch Pear over the weekend so that we could get away and have some alone time. This was the first time we've ever done that! It was so nice. We started off by going to Cafe Besalu in the Ballard district of Seattle, (the best bakery around,) for pastries and coffee. I enjoyed a pain du chocolat and cocoa. Stephen enjoyed a pain du chocolat, an apricot pastry with cream and a cappuccino. We ate leisurely and enjoyed watching people and the master chef in the back perform his work of art in forming more fresh pastries. It was so delightful.
While in Ballard, we walked around and browsed through a few shops. I found that I really enjoy the Ballard area. It is my new favorite spot. There are all sorts of boutiques, restaurants, art shops, coffee shops and a little bit of anything else you can think of. It was great fun!
Ray's Boathouse is right there in the Ballard area as well and we found that to be a lovely spot for lunch. We were impressed with their food and service. I chose to have Ling Cod & Chips and Stephen had the Sable Fish. Yum!
I have been wanting to explore the Fremont area of Seattle, so this was our next stop. I found it to be nice but I don't like it as much as Ballard. There are more eccentric shops and a lot of vintage shops in this area.

We had dinner reservations at 5:30 at Crush; a restaurant that has great reviews and is supposed to be a nice, romantic spot. We were not disappointed. The food was amazing! A bit expensive but amazing. I had Lobster Tails with Gnocchi as an appetizer. Stephen chose Octopus with Pork Belly. Both were delicious. For our entrees, I chose Rare Seared Scallops with an aged cheese risotto. Stephen chose Lamb Rib eye with Lamb Belly and Mashed Potatoes. Again both dishes were delightful. We shared a Light Corn Cake with Fresh Ice Cream and Blueberry Sauce for dessert. Oh, what great food. This meal was one of the best I've ever experienced!

What a day! This was a true celebration. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, was very refreshed and missed Pear by the end of it. We didn't pick her up until the following morning though as we got in too late. Praise the Lord and thank you Stephen for 4 wonderful years of marriage!

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KAMILLE said...

Oh how wonderful for both of you--congrats on four years. We were in Seattle on Saturday for my birthday and I was REALLY wanting to go to Cafe Besalu, I'm glad you got to go instead. I'm also glad that you were able to eat some wonderful food (outside of your normal no fat diet).