Monday, August 25, 2008


My parents decided to can tuna this year. They have canned tuna in the past, however, never to this measure. My mom called and asked if I would like to can some as well and if so, how much. Originally, I thought I wanted 10 lbs. Stephen convinced me to only do 5 lbs. My parents on the other hand canned 80+ lbs of tuna! It is delicious tuna. Better than anything you can buy in a can at the market but 80 lbs of it may be a bit much! Now, I have to state for the record that my mom didn't want any more than 20 lbs. My dad, on the other hand, with a much larger appetite, ordered the tuna and assumed 80 lbs would be just right.

My parents drove out to Westport, WA and picked up the tuna right off the boat Saturday morning. They witnessed the local wild seal that came to the dock for the scraps after they cleaned and filleted the tuna. They then packed up 3 large coolers with tuna on ice and began canning their large quantities of tuna. I joined them Sunday afternoon to do my meager 5 lbs which filled 12 half/pint jars. My dad did most of the work by cutting all of the tuna for me, I simply had to season and stuff the tuna in the jar. We then lowered the jars in the pressure cooker, set the timer for 90 minutes, took the jars out and heard the pop of the seals! What a great sound.

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Rhianna said...

Wow, I've never canned tuna before, but I bet it's worth it! It makes me want tuna now! :)