Thursday, August 14, 2008

Apples, apples, apples.

We are blessed with 4 varieties of apple trees at our wonderful home and one of them is perfectly ripe right now. It is a tart apple, much like a granny smith, (it may even be a granny smith.) Of course, I am always looking for new ways to entertain Pear that involve her working and burning energy, so I took her down to the tree and we set out to pick apples.

I thought that I would lift her up, she would pick an apple, put it in the bag, etc. She had another idea. There are hundreds of apples on the ground that have fallen, and Pear decided that it was her duty to pick all of them up. I decided that she was right. So, I picked a bag full from the tree and she spent an hour or so picking up the apples off the ground. Our routine went like this:
Me: "Pick up the apples and put them in the bag."
Pear: "Kay. Kay. Kay" She would go pick up one, two or three at a time repeating, "apps, apps, apps." When she saw a big one she would say with amusement, "big un." She would then stumble, drop at least one, possibly all that she had in her hands and try again. Once she reached the bag, she would say with excitement, "pick more apps?" And we would repeat our routine. She managed to fill an entire brown grocery bag with apples though, which I dumped in our compost bin and gave her a new bag to pick more! We have went down there every day this week and she has been delighted every time.

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KAMILLE said...

So wonderful! Isn't it amazing how chores don't have to be "work" or boring, but it's totally the attitude in taking pleasure in the work we're doing. Great job Pear!