Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Summer Fair

We all have fond memories of a summer fair, right? The fun food, the rides, the animals, the sunshine; it's all so much fun to a kid. "A summer fair. A fair is fun. In summertime we go to one. Around, around, around we go. The ground is very far below!" A quote from a much read, much loved book in our house: Summer by Alice Low.

Well, we got to go the Grays Harbor County Fair yesterday evening with my family. Pear absolutely loved it! I don't know how Stephen and I ended up with an animal lover but it certainly appears as though we did. Pear got to pet a cow, say hello to a zebra, see dozens of bunnies, go face-to-face with a pig and she even got to try cotton-candy! Pear wanted nothing to do with the cotton candy, at first, but then, after seeing all of her aunts and uncles enjoying the weird looking pink stuff, she decided to taste. To my satisfaction, she didn't like it much and only ate a bite or two, but at least she tried it.

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Rebecca said...

Looks like Pear had a good time..
She looks like she's getting bigger/taller, too!