Monday, August 25, 2008

A wonderful husband and a great daddy

Stephen surprised Pear and I with treats today when he came home for lunch. He brought me a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, and for Pear, the most scrumptious looking chocolate covered donut with sprinkles! What a wonderful husband I am blessed with and what a wonderful daddy Pear has. We love him so much! Pear loves to make daddy proud. She recently has really enjoyed putting on pretty dresses and then she wants to go "show daddy." When she gets her hair fixed, she wants to be adored by her daddy. She walks over to him and points to her hair. Stephen tells her what pretty hair she has and how beautiful she looks. Of course, Pear learned all of this from mommy, as I do the same thing and Stephen never seems to run out of admiring words.

Thank you God for blessing this family with such a wonderful husband and daddy!

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KAMILLE said...

Three things:
1. I'm glad to read about how great Stephen is to his girls (Ben is so good too--we're both lucky).
2. Is Pear becoming more & more of a daddy's girl, b/c Veronica is.
3. I love her piggy tails.