Thursday, March 3, 2011

Potty Training Take II

I had been dreading the thought of potty training Jovie, ever since I started potty training Pear. Not only was the process of potty training Pear dreadful, it didn't end there. For months after that, she didn't want to go poo in the potty. So, yes, she'd go in her pants. It was dreadful. After much coaxing and training and even some spanks, she learned. Why would I want to go through that again?

One day about three weeks ago Jovie decided out of the blue that she wanted to go pee on the potty. So I sat her on the toilet and sure enough, she went! As fearful as I was of the week ahead I dove into training mode. It was a great week to do it because the girls were fighting a cold and so we were home-bound regardless. Jovie would say "haffa go poddy!" about every 15 minutes. This would entail me running into the bathroom with her, getting her on the potty and waiting sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, to hear a little trickle after which she would look up at me with pride and smile. After two days of this with only 2 accidents and those being because she ran into the bathroom without me and was trying to turn on the light before getting on the potty, I decided I didn't have to be quite as glued to her. I showed her how to use the stools to get on the potty and to wash her hands. Then she was even more ecstatic to go potty because she got to wash her hands! She washed her hands so frequently that she had a rash all the way to her elbows (eczema). She was still going potty ever 15-30 minutes at this point but the way I looked at it was: better safe than sorry and she's wanting to do it. 3 weeks later, she's still only had the 2 accidents besides 1 accident in bed but that was because she had a cup of juice right before bed. she sleeps through the night, goes pee and poo in the potty and she does it all on her own!

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Kamille said...

Congratulations!!! I felt similar with Veronica and it's been so much easier with Cadence. Yay Jovie!