Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Under the weather

The past week has been a week that I hope to forget, soon. I have had sick kids, a sick husband, long days and even longer nights. And wouldn't you know it, I seem to be the caboose of the bug. On top of being sick, after a long night of basically no sleep, Pike woke me grinding his teeth! Yeah, his little body decided it was a swell time to cut his top teeth. This was the first bug that really had me worried for my child. Pear contracted the flu on Thursday night. She had a fever and aches which lead to a sore throat and cough. And with Pear, when she has a cough, a couple episodes of coughing so hard that she gags herself and throws-up are bound to happen. I began to get concerned when after 3 days she still had no appetite and she still didn't want to do anything but sleep. Jovie, on the other hand was back to normal after 48 hours. But here we are, this is day 6 for Pear and this is the first morning she's played. She is also slowly starting to eat more. And of course we made sure to keep her hydrated through it all! Praise God we are on the mend!


Steve Finnell said...

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The Gardner Family said...

Oh Paige.. I am so sorry!! I have been feeling so bad for all the mommas out there as it seems like everyone is having a heck of a time keeping their families healthy. Its us Moms that have the job to keep everyone going.. praying for you guys!!

jacquelyn said...

Dahlia sent Pear a card, I hope it cheers her up! (:
praying for strength and health!