Saturday, March 5, 2011

cupcakes everywhere!

It's been said that you can't have a cupcake and not why not have them everywhere on your birthday? That's exactly what Pear did. She had a "Cupcake Birthday". Pear is now 4 years old and what a spunky little 4 year old she is.

I really am reliving girlhood through my daughters, and it is so much fun! These kids of mine give me an excuse to do almost everything I want to do without looking like a dork. I made little cupcake softies, cupcakes pops, I even made a cupcake bunting! I baked my friend's (thanks Kamille!) recipe for homemade funfetti cupcakes, a simple old fashioned chocolate cupcake recipe from Chockylit, and a variety of frostings to make a fun cupcake tower. I think all of the kids were in awe of this.Ever since Jovie received her ballerina outfit for her birthday Pear has been requesting that she receive one on her birthday. I try to not let them dictate their birthday gifts as sometimes they may get more, sometimes less and I don't want it to become an expectation but this was one thing that I had to fulfill because Jovie wears hers almost daily and I see the look on Pears face as she longs to have a ballerina outfit too. This was one of the first things Pear opened and I'm glad she did because she enjoyed wearing it ALL day!Pear in her new outfit.

Uncle Racer and Pike.

Jovie was so gracious all day, simply being happy for her big sister.

I think Pear likes her Elephant family. ;)

Pear received many custom designed cards from her little friends, Pear loved every one of them and has saved them.

Pear's adorable cousin (well, 2nd cousin actually), Amelia.

My birthday girl.

Craft time!

Gramps brought out the accordion as we sang Happy Birthday!

At 4 years old Pear can:
  • Read.
  • Write her name and most of the alphabet.
  • Draw very creative alien looking families.
  • Ride her bike with training wheels extremely cautiously with a worried look on her face.
  • Count to 20.

She likes to:
  • Play pretend, lately her name is usually Lilly or Leah.
  • Build towers with legos. She usually carries it down the hallway, oh so carefully and then it tips and crashes and I see a big pucker and then a little girl throwing herself on the ground because "it broke and I can never build it again!"
  • Antagonize her sister. Well, maybe she doesn't "like" to, but she sure does it a lot!
  • Jump- on the bed, over the couch, from the steps, from here to there.
  • Play baby dolls, usually she names them Millie or Peach.
  • Play computer games. (I try to limit this to 30 minutes per day and not allow it every day)
  • Bake- cookies, bread, pizza, anything really!


Kamille said...

this looks like the most fantastic of birthdays. I love Pear's headband (my girls would love it). Tays has a cupcake nightgown that she doesn't want to ever take off. Happy belated Birthday Pear!

Kamille said...

P.S. I showed the girls the pictures and nothing but smiles, with Tay exclaiming, "OHHH, CUPCAKES! I LIKE cupcakes!"

I'm glad you made the funfetti--aren't they so much better than the box kind:)

Disney said...

What a lovely lady she's turning out to be! Happy (late) birthday, Pear!!
P.S. Paige likes to be "Lilly" when she's pretending, too! How funny! :o)