Saturday, April 16, 2011

all ears

Next to Stephen, my mom is my best friend. I call on her for anything and everything from how to make a pumpkin pie to how to potty train a child. She is all ears when I'm excited about some idea that I've concocted which may or may never come true. She is my help when I'm in desperate need. She is my sounding wall when I need to vent about kids and life. I've been thinking about how much I complain. Over the past few weeks, I've complained to my mom a lot about how little sleep I've had, how hard it is to take care of sick kids, how exhausted I am with everything. She simply listens and sympathizes and encourages me that it is a tough season and I'm doing a good job. You know what I was thinking about? Why doesn't she one-up me? Why doesn't she say, "oh yeah, you think you have it rough, think about me!"? Here's a brief example of one point in life in my mom's shoes: she had 3 teenagers (13,14,16) keeping her up late, a newborn baby (Racer) waking through the night, a toddler (Hutton) who cried in the middle of the night because he had to go potty, and a near 4-year-old (Piper) who had just been diagnosed with type 1 (juvenile onset) diabetes who required blood sugar tests and sometimes shots in the middle of the night. On top of all this, she and my dad had just opened a small business (United Package Express) in Aberdeen on top of my dad's full time job as a UPS driver. Oh, and she home-schooled us all! Wow! And that was when there were just 6 of us kids, she has 3 more since that point in time. But, does she ever compare my little complaints which I make out to be huge with her chaotic life? No. She doesn't because she is the epitome of a selfless mother. And I have her to look up to. She simply listens and sympathizes. I want to be like my mom in so many ways and this is just one way that I hope to learn and grow from her. She is a good listener and her heart for her children (me!) is so big. I'm still learning how to be thankful in all situations and how to see the cup half full. Some days are better than others but I do know that I have it good. My life is blessed. And when I just can't take another squabble, or another cup of spilled milk, or another sleepless night, my mom is there with ears open to listen and tell me I'll get through. And if you ever need to vent or complain, call me, I want to practice being a good listener, encourager and sounding wall!


Jim said...

Paige that was very well said! Your mother is amazing! She serves her family selflessly and fully. You are a blessed woman to live under such an excellent example and you are carrying the torch that she has passed on. Your fulfillment of Proverbs 31:28 without even quoting it is a very deserving testimony of the character of your beautiful mom and my beautiful wife! We are blessed!
love you, dad

Denise said...

To my dearest Paige, you have a sweetness that never ends.....
Thank you for your kind words, I do not feel deserving of such, I do know this: God's Grace see's us through and through.
You too are one of my best friends, as Stephen would say, "we can talk hours about silly yo yo's" it is so fun how I feel so like minded with you, I still can look at your face and see the guilty little girl look. "Yes mom I saw my birthday present"
I always hoped I would be a best friend to my daughters and I am honored to be called one of your best friends! As we grow and have children God touches our hearts in ways we never knew could be possible. Paige you have touched my heart in ways you may never know. You bring joy to me over and can make me cry, laugh, hurt, grow and simply feel loved just by being your sweet self.
You are a beautiful woman inside and out who has a heart for the Lord and you are a wonderful wife and an amazing mommy, I admire you greatly and I am in awe of you! I am proud to see you become the lovely lady you are. We mothers seek our heavenly father and give our hearts to Him and the rest he lays on our hearts and we listen and follow the beats He lays on them. You are such a young lady with much wisdom! I have shared with others, "if God were to look for a Mary today you would fit the role"
Keep the faith and continue to serve God and your family with all your heart and God will "smile" on you! Thank you for blessing my heart ....I love you!