Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm craving...


A night in a luxurious hotel.

A family trip to Disneyland!

A boat ride through the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

Sipping a coffee at a busy cafe in Paris.

An exciting day of shopping in New York.

A relaxing day at the beach in Maui.

How about you? Where would you go?


jacquelyn said...

definitely craving a big fat cookie with pink icing from batdorf... and shopping in portland, staying at a BED & BREAKFAST w/Justin and an afternoon at a sunny beach!!
and of course PARIS!! (:

Kamille said...

all those sound wonderful Paige. Europe always sounds nice. I haven't mentioned it much (probably cause life happens), but I'm going to Florida in two weeks. Without the girls and just Ben. I hope you get your vacation soon!

Hope said...

You definitely deserve it!

EricaRose said...

Colorado, New York City, Hawaii, Venice, Paris, Provance, London, Thailand, ect sct ect, everywhere!