Monday, April 4, 2011

better late than never!

Have you ever had a project where you set a timeline to complete it only to watch that timeline come and go and you never even started on the said project? That's pretty much the story of our lives. When we purchased this house 3 years ago, the deck was rotten. The kids couldn't go out on it and we were hoping to complete the deck before our second summer in the house. But that didn't happen. Life happened. Kids happened. Nearly a year after we were planning to complete the deck it is done! Stephen continues to amaze me with his skills. Sometimes I wonder if there's anything he can't do. The kids absolutely love having a deck! I can't wait to let them eat picnic lunches out there. For now, they go out for short bursts to watch the birds or play with toys out there. Oh, and don't you love my girls' middle of the day outfits? Jovie dug that dress out of my baby clothes bin (it's just a little small) and Pear is wearing her staple- pajamas.

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Disney said...

Haha! I love pj's in the afternoon! Seriously, though, that is amazing! What a beautiful deck!! And it's almost the perfect weather for deck-sitting. I wish Paige and I could pop over and sit with you!