Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I want to be a homemaker...

I always wanted to be a mommy. Getting married and having children was the one constant goal throughout my childhood/teenage years. I always envisioned staying home to keep the house tidy and to play with the kids. I never thought about the days that we might be sick and yet mommy doesn't get a "sick day". I never thought about the days that kids, or mommy might wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just not be able to kick of the grumpys. I never really thought about the times when the laundry would consume the couch. I thought about the adorable faces, the giggles, the cuddles. I thought about the tidy house and the wife that is all dolled up in an apron with dinner coming off the burner right as daddy comes home. Everything was so my mind. I don't write this to express how horrible it really is. It's not. In fact, I think that all of these slumps and the outrageous amounts of clothes consuming my couch, the fact that I have a crying kid at my feet if and when I do have dinner coming off the burner shows that my life is real. I have a good life and it's REAL. Perfect, no. Wonderful, yes! And in this reality Stephen loves me. God loves me. My kids love me. My parents love me. Even my in-laws love me (I'm pretty sure.) I am so thankful that all of these people in my life have supported me in my desire to be a homemaker. As much as it may be looked down upon by some, I have had nothing but encouragement. When people ask what I do, I hold my head high and say, "I stay home." I hope to encourage my girls to do the same, if they desire so. Currently their favorite book is I Want To Be A HOMEMAKER by Carla Greene published in 1961. I'll leave you with the closing line from the book:

One day Tom hung over the fence and said, "I'm going to be a pilot when I grow up."

"I'm going to be a cook, cleaner, nurse, teacher and an artist," said Jane.

"You can't be so many things," said Tom.

"Oh yes I can," said Jane. "A good homemaker is all of those things."


Cassie said...

This is sooo true! Thank you for sharing your heart on this! I definitely found this encouraging (as I sit a the kitchen table with no motivation to clean up breakfast, desiring only to go back to bed, yet realizing that the kiddos have tons of energy and want to play...sigh). Still wouldn't trade it for any "real" job out there!! Homemaker is the life for me!

jacquelyn said...

The possibilities are endless when you are a homemaker, loving it! I agree it isn't always perfect but it really is the perfect job and the best way to spend your life. so glad I have the opportunity to be a homemaker too!

Kamille said...

real, but not perfect:) I'm reading this book called 'Keeping House,' which I think you would love. I'm loving so much about it.

I am also very thankful to be here with my girls to tend to them and teach them (and to be changed by them). I'm certain that children teach us how to love & know love.