Monday, October 13, 2008


Did you know that disposable diapers are the third largest single consumer item in landfills? And due to the use of high-grade polypropylene used to make the outer covering and various layers, their materials remain intact in landfills for many years. I don't consider myself to be a greener but I will say that I do want to treat this world the way that God designed for it to be treated. In my opinion we are to take care of, preserve, appreciate and glorify God with and through his creation. With Pear still in diapers and another one on the way which will certainly not be using the toilet in the near future, I decided that I didn't want to contribute 180+ diapers to landfill a month. I also know that I already feel busy and seem to hardly be able to keep on top of the house and cook dinner some days, so doing additional laundry and having 2 children in cloth diapers might not be the best thing for me. I found gDiapers to be a great alternative. Granted, they aren't much cheaper than disposable diapers, they are much better for the environment and just about as convenient. Basically they have a cloth outer shell, a plastic liner and a flushable filler which you change out with every diaper change. They are simple to use, comfortable for the child and still convenient. Pear has been using them for about a week and I have some ready for little Jovie as soon as her little buns fit in the "little g". If you are interested in these, I would recommend searching on craigslist or ebay as they are a bit spendy if buying new. I, however, managed to purchase 8 "little g" pants, 16 snap in liners, and over 50 flushables for $30 by looking on craigslist.

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KAMILLE said...

My friend used these for her son. Isn't it amazing to see how many options are out there that are not disposable ones. I really like our BumGenius, but I think the gDiaper is great for the reasons you stated with laundering. Plus, if it's just pee you can compost the liner. Pretty cool!