Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Praise God for SAMe!

Okay, last pregnancy update I gave stated that my bile acids more than doubled which meant I needed to go on medication. Well, the blood tests before that showed that my bile acids went down a fair bit so I put my brain to work and tried to figure out why they went down one week and two weeks later more than doubled. The week before the blood test which showed my bile acids went down included these random facts:
1. I went to Disneyland with my family. This meant I did a lot of walking and I ate hardly any fat at all as I didn't use olive oil.
2. I ran out of my SAMe supplement that I had been taking and therefore purchased a short term replacement from Target. This replacement was different in 2 ways. It has slightly different ingredients and the tablets were 200 mg each compared to 400 mg each.

We waited two weeks to do more blood work as the results came back so good the time before. Those two weeks included these random facts:
1. I was back on my normal routine; active daily life but no vigorous walking.
2. Back to my normal low-fat/no-fat diet which includes olive oil and nuts.
3. I went back on the SAMe supplement that I had been taking for months prior to switching for the week I was gone.
After receiving my blood work back that indicated my levels went up, I decided to go back on the Target SAMe to see if that's what made the difference. I was supposed to go on my medication as well but I thought I'd wait a couple of days to give the SAMe a chance. Well, it paid off! My blood results came back looking great! My bile acids went way down and I am now, not going to take the medication. I contribute these great results to one source: A good God that loves and provides for me! I also must say that I'm thankful for the great mind that God gave someone to create the SAMe which also contributed to my good results.

If for some reason my bile acids go back up, I will then start taking the medication. As it stands, I am going to continue to stand firm, have faith and allow God to take care of me and Jovie. We are still praying for little Jovie to flip around in my womb as she is still poking her little head up in my left rib cage, she is in a transverse position. She seems to move around a lot but she likes to keep her head right where it is. I'm still confident that she will move when she's good and ready but it would sure put me at ease and more comfort to know that she's head down and ready for a good delivery.

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KAMILLE said...

Praise God and I will pray that Jovie turns head down and helps her mama out.