Sunday, October 26, 2008

thirty-eight weeks and ready to pop!

I am officially full-term. I have made it thirty-eight weeks pregnant. Twenty-two of those thirty-eight weeks have been spent abstaining from fats. This has been a long journey, but a much more delightful one than I spent a couple of years ago while pregnant with Pear. Although it's been hard sacrificing my one true love -dessert, I think I can do this again if we are blessed with more children in the future. Hey, look at the bright side: I won't have much weight to lose after Jovie comes! For those of you who don't get to see me on a regular basis, I have actually gotten big this time. People still never guess that I'm due any day but at least they know I'm pregnant! I've also gained a whopping fifteen pounds this time. Hurray! Here's a picture of me at thirty-eight weeks.


Rhianna said...

You look great, Paige! I am happy that you have been doing so good with this pregnancy!

I wish I only had gained 15 pounds! :)

KAMILLE said...

Thanks for posting a picture and you look wonderful! It is nice when people don't make comments while you're pregnant that could be construed as negative (i.e. you're small for...fill in the blank). Just think..creme brulee is a possibility soon!