Friday, October 24, 2008

God is faithful!

If you haven't heard yet, this last week two HUGE weights have been removed from my shoulders. I am reminded that I didn't need to be carrying these weights in the first place as God would have gladly removed them at any time, if only I had more faith and trust.

The first: My last lab results came back and my liver seems to be functioning normally! Basically, my results came back better than they did months after Pear was born.

The second: Jovie is now head down and engaged! Yes, she turned Tuesday. I knew she had turned right away. (You can tell when a baby's hard head is no longer compressed against your rib cage.) It is fun to feel her little feet poking out now.

God is definitely faithful and good to me. What a God we have and how grateful I am to have Him!


Rhianna said...

That is so cool Paige! I am so happy to hear that! :) I can't believe how soon it is that you will have little Jovie in your arms! :)

KAMILLE said...

I'm so happy for you Paige. I've been praying that Jovie would do just that--yeah God & yeah Jovie for doing it. Also, it is great hearing that your liver is healthy, SO wonderful. I'm excited to pull up my blog to see that you're introducing your new little one to the world. Kamille

Anonymous said...

great news Paige! God has been so good! Cant wait to hear the news of Jovie's arrival!

KAMILLE said...

Oh yeah--I finally posted six random facts.

The Gardner Family said...

God is so good, thanks for sharing your Praise Report!!! Have a great labor and delivery.